What, How & Why?

CDN Information

Superfast Content Delivery

CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) consist of groups of servers located in strategic locations around the world, which work together to provide a faster way to deliver your website & content to your audience.

How does this speed up content & website delivery? Your content is delivered from your host server to each of the CDN servers located around the world and cached on them. When someone tries to visit your website, the CDN server closest to them delivers the cached copy of your website, drastically reducing the time it takes to load as they’re accessing a cached version of your website on a server close to them, as opposed to the server it’s actually hosted on.

If your audience is located in another county, state, country, or even continent, then a CDN is a must for you.

Initial Connection

Someone types your web address into their URL bar and tries to visit your website.

Connection Request Reaches CDN

The user's request to visit your website reaches the CDN where it checks their location.

CDN Directs Request To Nearby Server

The CDN directs the request to the server within the CDN that's geographically closest to the user.

User Reaches Website

The user now sees the website, which is a cached copy on a nearby server in the CDN.

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