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The hosting platform(s) that I choose to set my clients up on provide network monitoring and constantly check to see if any incoming or outgoing traffic looks to be malicious. I get notified as soon as their WAF (Web Application Firewall) systems have discovered anything suspicious.

When I setup a customer on any of my hosting platforms, I make sure that the file permissions are completely locked down, preventing people on the outside world from being able to modify your web files. To make things more secure, I disable SSH & CGI by default (and FTP at request), however should you need access to these services, they can be re-enabled.

Using Cloudflare, I can proxy your DNS records, meaning that your actual server IP is hidden behind a Cloudflare generated IP, preventing malicious users from being able to find your website’s IP address within your DNS records.

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Permissions are King

There’s nothing worse than malware on your website, especially if it goes unnoticed long enough to spread across your hosting platform, creating malicious files and taking over your website entirely. Not only is this bad for business, but it’s especially bad for SEO.

Luckily I take many steps to mitigate this at both the website level, as explained on my website security page, and at the server level. The servers I use have extra protection to keep your hosting area safe; with ClamAV and anti-malware scans ongoing daily, you can rest easy knowing that your site is constantly being scanned for signs of anything malicious. Should anything be found, I get a notification and I can begin taking a look to resolve it, before it becomes a bigger issue.

I also use Cloudflare to help prevent suspicious activity or anything malicious from being injected into your website, as the firewall this service offers blocks the majority of attacks before they even reach your website.

Luckily, should anything go awry, I take full daily backups with a 30 day retention, so your website can be quickly restored in the event of an attack.

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