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Login Security

Stopping Attacks from the get-go

Website attacks are an ongoing crisis, with hackers constantly looking for and exploiting vulnerabilities in login pages; just because you’ve got a complicated password, doesn’t mean you’re invulnerable to attack. In an effort to combat this, I can setup MFA – Multi-Factor Authentication. This means that when you attempt to login, you’ll be prompted for a secondary, randomly generated code from your phone/tablet, which only you have access to.

This comes as part of a fantastic plugin called WordFence – an all-in-one security hub that can be installed on your WordPress website. Not only does it provide MFA, but it also scans your website for vulnerabilities, malicious code/files & alerts you when there’s an issue.

Login Security / MFA

2FA/MFA is available on all sites, further improving login security, giving you piece of mind.

Anti-Virus Scans

Scheduled scans can be setup on your site, which are constantly on the look-out for malicious activity.

DDOS Protection

Dedicated Denial Of Service protection is provided via CloudFlare to mitigate malicious attacks.

Full Security Package

All-in-one solutions for your website security, protecting you with a full suite of enterprise tools.

Worried About Security?

I can perform a website security analysis, give you the knowledge to look after your protection, and help you secure your website. Let's chat.

An attack can happen at any time.


Are you prepared?

Overall Protection

Making the first move

While it’s all well and good being able to clean-up after an attack and resume normal life, wouldn’t it be better to stop the attack altogether?

Yes. Yes, it would.

That’s another great reason I use not only WordFence for website protection, but also CloudFlare. CloudFlare comes as standard with a firewall designed to catch out nasty bots & attackers, recording the event, and reporting it back to you. Using these two technologies together can seriously improve your overall website protection, with added CAPTCHA filtering courtesy of CloudFlare.

I also provide SSL certificates for improved PCI compliance.

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