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Business cards, promotional content, branded materials and more

Do you stand out from the crowd?

Did you know that using a signature colour as part of your brand can increase your brand’s recognition by up to 80%, or that the consistent presentation of a brand can increase revenue by up to 33%?

It may seem obvious to keep a consistent colour palette and stick to a specific colour range, yet so many businesses don’t do this. How many times have you looked at a business card, or a website, or even a leaflet and noticed that the colours just don’t fit with each other?

People are attracted to beauty – the informational content you provide may be excellent, but if it’s presentation isn’t appealing then it simply won’t be read or digested.

This means your logo, colour palette and layouts need to have continuity; the seamless flow between these elements make you stand out from the crowd. Look at Ikea & Starbucks for example & the immediate recognition they garner.

business cards created for 'cakes by mandy moo'

Bespoke design services

Your presence both online & offline are equally important – a beautiful website is great, but if prospective customers can’t remember at least your brand’s name, website URL, where you operate, or a phone number then how will they find you? Yes, search engines are a wonderful tool, but even some Google queries are too vague to work with.

This means your offline interactions need to be memorable. Your business cards, leaflets and promotional materials need to stand out & leave a lasting impact on a prospective customer – otherwise you’re just another forgettable brand.

I provide a whole range of design services to get your brand recognised.

Logo Design

Modernising existing logos & creating entirely new bespoke logos from scratch.

Business Cards

Memorable business cards with a range of finishes that leave a lasting impact.

Social Media Branding

Profile pictures, page banners & more, all suitable for your platform of choice.

Business Stationary

Designs for sticky notes, workbooks, diaries, note cards & more for your workplace.


Exceptionally formatted leaflets, packed with information, in a range of sizes.

Branded Documents

Customised document templates ensuring brand visibility on company documents.

Email templates

Fully HTML compliant email templates that seamlessly blend with your brand.

Other Branded Materials

Spread your brand awareness with customised mugs, pens, complement slips & more.

Leave a lasting impression

An entirely bespoke design that fully embodies your ethos.

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