Web design

Beautiful, responsive websites optimised for speed & security.

Web design guru

Willis Wireless websites are designed with you in mind and are entirely bespoke to your needs. While templated websites are on offer if you’ve got a strict budget, no two bespoke websites are the same.

I pride myself on how fast & secure my websites are.

Using a set of caching & control plugins, I fine-tune the back-end of the site making sure that the database is optimised on an automatic basis and that your site is compressed & minified for superfast delivery.

2FA (Two Factor Authentication) can be provided at request, securing your website login & preventing unauthorised account access.

Preview of my website on a laptop

How to get started

Sometimes the idea of getting a new website and choosing the designer can be a bit daunting, so I do everything I can to make you feel comfortable & reassured by my service.

Consultation & a cuppa
Together we can find a date that suits you & have a virtual consultation over a not-so-virtual cuppa! We can go over your requirements & any questions you might have.

Tailored plan for you
Once you and I have established what you’d like, I will create a plan entirely tailored to you, your needs & your budget. Once you’re happy with it, I can get cracking.

Design & build
I will create a demo homepage for you based on the plan, your brand, colour scheme, requirements & functionality. Once you’ve given me the thumbs up, I can build the complete website.

Visibility & SEO

Having a beautiful website is a great, but if no-one sees it then what’s the point of having one in the first place?

This is where SEO comes in to it.

SEO is about optimising your website so that it ranks higher in search engines, like Google & Yahoo. This includes a set of best practices for features on the front-end (the area that the public sees) & the back-end (the hidden inner-workings) of your website.

By abiding these practices, I can optimise your website for better indexability & relevance in search results.

Not all SEO is done on the website though. Off-site & local SEO are a big part of how well you rank, so it’s handy that I offer those services too.

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